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Part Number: UTT-451

ER/DR/RD-16 Series Collets Rack


  • Material Cold rolled steel, 12 gauge ( 0.063” Thick)
  • Hole Diameter 39/ 64” ( 0.610” )
  • Tray dimension 4.750 “ X 30.000”
  • Height after assembly 2.500” ( Height from floor)
  • Will fit our Lathe scoot
  • 69 Collets capacity
  • Tray angled at 10 Degree for convenience in handling.
  • Ideal to mount on work table, holes provided
  • Black color – powder coated
  • Ideal to mount on work table, holes provided

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16 Series Collet Racks, Best collet racks Manufacturers – Uratech USA Inc

“Uratech- Your one-stop shop for purchasing top-notch Tool Carts”

We design our carts in a unique way, according to the market needs. Quality of the product is what we don’t comprise in. We are very choosey starting from the raw material to the delivery of the product and we are keen on what we do.

Cold rolled steel-A perfect raw material to design our carts.

Powder Coating-The best way to get avoided from rust gives a well-polished look for the cart.

Nylon Inserts-These durable inserts are perfect to hold your tools safe and secure.

Nuts (Nylon)-Nylon inserted nuts are used to avoid loosening of the carts at the extreme hard condition.

Castors-Castors are designed in the way to withstand heavyweight. They have wheel brakes too, that can be utilized to stop the cart on the exact position where we need it.

16 series Collets Rack is capable of Holding 69 Collets

Made in the USA, ISO 9001:2015 certified & an International high-quality product

Embedded with Cold Rolled Steel Material and Thickness of 16 gauge for High Strength & Durability

Each Slot for the Collets is having a diameter of 39/64 inches

It can easily fit in our 5S Model CNC Lathe Scoot

The Entire Tray is angled at 10 degrees to keep the collets in an Angled Fashion

The Tray also has an option to be mounted on the Table; Holes are provided for the same

The entire Tray is Powder Coated with Mirror Shining and with one look it intrigues us to know more about the product

16 Series Collet Rack is designed, Manufactured & Tested for its strength.

For Collet racks-16 series, Best collet racks Manufacturers – Uratech USA IncUSA is the right choice.

All the Uratech USA Inc products speak quality, withstand at the extremely hard condition and it can be utilized for a longer run.

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