Best CNC Workstation Manufacturer – Uratech USA Inc
Quality CNC Workstation Manufacturers in the USA offers workstations with everything you need, right next to the machine.

The Uratech USA Inc Workstation provides a solid, stable work location with plenty of functional top surface space.

Everything you need to be productive is stored and organized right at your fingertips, with the ability to lock it up when finished.

The Uratech USA Inc work station was designed with a machine shop environment in mind.

Placed next to a machine, the workstation provides a valuable resource for a machine operator’s daily functions.

We can customize a Fixed or Mobile Workstation for your CNC Tool setup, Uratech USA Inc offers two types of rock-solid sturdy Work Stations ideal for Programmers & Machinist at the Machining Centers

CNC Work Station
Mini CNC Work Station

Uratech USA Inc Work station contains all the necessary resources required for CNC operations
CNC Work Station:
It features a tabletop space with all types machine tools storage like Bench Model for handling CNC Tool Holders capable of holding 35 Holders, Peg Board with Hooks for hanging hand tools and other consumables, Bench wise, CNC holder Tightening fixtures and PC to enter all the necessary information.

It also consists of a secured feature that offers three drawers with ball bearing slides for storing measuring instruments, cuttings tool and other consumables.

They are made of Aluminum for rigidity and a better life, the pillars are black anodized, more space provided on the top for both the models compatible for desktop computers, more space at the bottom for CNC Work Station model for keeping consumables and other Machines Job Works.

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Mini Workstation:
It features a small Table Top Space for PC to enter all necessary information.

A pegboard with Hooks attached with two trays for handling CNC tool Holders each capable of handling 7 Tool Holders.

Three Drawers with Ball bearing slides for securing Cutting Tools, Measuring instruments & other consumables.

To make it more Powerful the entire structure is supported by four thick L-angled CRS Bars.

Bottom Tray of the Mini workstation can be used for keeping the CPU, Printers and other accessories of PC.

Four Powerful & Heavy Duty Industrial Castors Makes the Mini work station Movable for the operator to handle the operations conveniently.

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