Custom Utility Carts Manufacturers in the USA – Uratech USA Inc

Uratech USA Inc is capable and has to power & Strength to design the Model of Customers Choice

Made in the USA, ISO 9001:2015 certified & an International high-quality product

It will Be Embedded with Material & Thickness of your choice for Strength & Durability

For our Standard Carts, Cold Rolled Steel & Stainless Steel materials with 16 gauge thickness are used for more strength

Custom Carts will be designed with Contingency planning to prevent damage overcome by End-users

Custom Carts will also be ergonomically designed to avoid injuries to operators

We would be using Four Powerful & Heavy Duty Industrial Castors made of poly Urethane Material, 2 Swivel Castors with Brakes and 2 Rigid for all the Custom Carts

Custom Carts would be Powder Coated with the colour of your choice and with Mirror shining look so that with one look anyone would get intrigued to know more about the cart

Custom Carts can be made as single Tray, Multiple Trays or as per the number of trays customer demands

We can also add an extra space to the custom carts by fitting extra Trays on both sides if needed

The custom Carts can be made in two Types assembling Type and Non –assembling Type (Welded)

We are also capable of Manufacturing Fixed Custom Carts with Table Top and Peg Board attached for holding tools

All the Parts of the Model would be fitted using Nylon Inserted Nuts which again offers more strength to the entire Model and with the fully loaded capacity it can be easily moved from one machine to another

Every Custom Cart would be designed, Manufactured & Tested for its strength.

All the above features come at a very affordable price ideal for small, medium and large scale industries

Custom Carts Manufacturers in the USA – Contact Uratech USA Inc.

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