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Machine Shop carts:

Normally 5S System is practiced in industries as a method; there were no products available to fortify its use. In order to fulfill that demand, Uratech came up with 5S CNC Tool Carts that will fit the principles of Machine Shop carts Model

Uratech USA Inc has developed 6 types of Tool Scoots Models suitable for Different CNC Tooling Applications

CNC Mill Scoot
CNC Scoot
CNC Wire Sink EDM Scoot
CNC Grinding Scoot
Manual Mill Scoot
Gun Drill Cart

Made in the USA, ISO 9001:2015 certified & an International high-quality product.

Uratech USA Inc CNC Scoot is ideal for CNC Lathe Machines.

Embedded with Cold Rolled Steel Material with 16 gauge thickness for High Strength & Durability.

It is equipped with all the necessary resources required for a Lathe Machine.

The Top Part of the Lathe scoot consists of a Table Top for Collect Rack, Cutting Tools, and other Usable Items.

It also features three Drawers with Ball Bearing Slides for securing Cutting Tools, Measuring Instruments & other usable items.

Lathe Scoot also contains Pegboard with Hooks for Holding Hand Tools.

The Entire Lathe Scoot is supported by four Thick L-angled CRS Bars.

Four Powerful & Heavy Duty Industrial Castors for easy movement of the Lathe Scoot on Industrial Flooring.

Lathe Scoot is fitted with a Handle for convenience in Handling.

The whole Body is Powder Coated with Mirror shining and with one look it intrigues us to know more about the product.

All the Parts of the Model is fitted using Nylon Inserted Nuts which again offers more strength to the entire Model and with the fully loaded capacity it can be easily moved from one machine to another.

Bottom Tray of the Lathe Scoot can be used for keeping consumables and other Machined components.

Uratech USA Inc CNC Scoot is designed, Manufactured & Tested for its strength.

CNC Scoot, Machine Shop carts manufacturer in the USA, Best Scoot Suppliers Uratech USA Inc, Contact them today, Get a quote and join with us to make your work environment more secure and safe your tools in the right place. Definitely, this scoot is the best for you to organize your tools in one place for easy access and saves a lot of production timings. Without mess improve your production with these Machine Shop carts from Uratech USA Inc.

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