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Part Number: UTT 1406

Ultra Scoot, CAPTO C6, In Stock


  • CAPTO C6, Ultra scoot, Uratech USA Inc.
  • In Stock
  • Welded Construction, Ready to use, crated in a wooden Box
  • 49 Holders capacity
  • Cold rolled steel, 16 Gauge steel, Powder-coated
  • Durable Red Nylon Inserts
  • Pegboard, 1/8” Thick
  • Front doors can be locked and secured.
  • Bottom and Top try are for consumables.
  • Clear Acrylic sheets are installed on front and back doors for viewing.
  • Assembled and Ready to use
  • Industrial castors, load rated at 1200lbs, 2 swivels and 2 rigid
  • Cabinet size…… : 22.000” x 32.000” x 40.000” ( Height)
  • Weight ………….: 165 lbs
  • Call us at 1 800 813 0537 for information or send an email to Info@uratechusa.com

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