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Liquor Cart Party & Camping

Part Number : UTT-605



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Liquor Cart-Camping&Party,Restaurant liquor Carts Manufacturer-UratechUSA

As we know the value of customer’s investment in choosing a right product, each single component in our cart have been given a high level of concentration in choosing material starting from raw steel to castors including nuts and bolts.

Liquor Cart-Camping&Party,Restaurant liquor Carts Manufacturer-UratechUSA.Liquor carts having two trays for storing your drink glasses.The bottom tray is for storing consumables.These liquor carts are manufactured to have a comfortable area to transport your drink without any mess.The castors in this liquor cart provides mobility.

The perfect raw material is chosen (i.e) Cold rolled steel for making up our carts comparatively with other products available in the market, UratechUSA carts are not easily breakable since of the raw material and other products used to develop the cart. Out carts have high Durability and a strong wear and tear capacity.

Poly Urethane castors (2 Swivel with brake and 2 rigid) (try to add attached picture for castor as well, if needed)

To ensure long life on castors, customers can be able to grease ball bearing movements so that noise while rolling is eliminated.

A nylon Lock nut, also referred to as a nyloninsert lock nut, polymer-insert lock nut, or elastic stop nut, is a kind of locknut with a nylon collar insert that resists turning. The plastic insert is placed at the end of the nut, with an inner diameter (ID) slightly smaller than the major diameter of the screw.

Assembled and delivered to your door, ready to use.

UratechUSA designed a unique cart to help customers to return their empty bottles without any hassle.

Liquor Cart-Camping&Party,Restaurant liquor Carts Manufacturer-UratechUSA,Contact us to avail the best product