Foldable Camping Carts, Foldable Utility Cart, Party Carts, Lightweight Carts-Uratech USA Inc

Uratech USA Inc – A company for your carts are made in the USA with the highest level of quality not only in the material and we well are craftsmanship.

As we know the value of customer’s investment in choosing a right product, every single component in our cart has been given a high level of concentration in choosing material starting from raw steel to castors including nuts and bolts.

Foldable utility/camping Carts made up of Aluminium, 0.063” Thick (Anodized) (Color can be changeable)

Weight: 30 lbs.

Cart dimensions: 20.000” x 30.000”x 38.000” (Height from the floor)

Cart dimensions when folded: 20.000”x 30.000”x 10.000” (Height from the floor)

Holes on the top tray can be adjusted to suit any bottle size.

Can be able to fold when not in use and easily store at the back of your car.

These foldable carts are very light in weight and handy too.

Poly-Urethane castors (2 swivels with brake and 2 rigid) (try to add an attached picture for castor as well, if needed)

To ensure a long life on castors, customers can be able to grease ball-bearing movements so that noise while rolling is eliminated.

Assembled and delivered to your door, ready to use.

Uratech USA Inc designed a unique cart to help customers to return their empty bottles without any hassle.

Customer can fold this cart and be able to store in their car.

When needed, customer can unfold, rack all their bottles and return to the store easily.

This cart can be used as a utility cart as well.

Purchase Foldable Camping Carts, Foldable Utility Cart, Party Carts, Lightweight Carts from Uratech USA Inc at affordable price.

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